10 Promotional Products Under $5

Top 10 Promotional Products Under $5

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Part of building your business into a brand is with repeat impressions. The more people see a company logo, the quicker they begin to recognize the brand, which then leads to trust and finally sales. Repeat impressions are the staple of promotional products.

However, the sheer amount of products to choose from can be overwhelming for anyone to look through; especially when trying to find that one product that is both unique and creative. Remember the goal of any promotional product campaign is to get something useful into the hands of consumers that will keep them reminded of your brand.

But, if you are a small start up or were given a small budget to work with, you could end up feeling like the only products you can afford are the ones that no one wants.

Don’t let price get in the way of building your brand, there are plenty of cost-efficient promo items that people will attach themselves to and won’t break the bank, check out our list of 10 the most effective promotional products all under $1.


to have and to hold koozie

Koozies have been around since 1980’s and are still one of the most popular promotional products still in use today. Why’s that?

Because koozies keep your drink at the cold for longer and eliminate the need for coasters; making them practicable and favourable product. Koozies have impressive versatility and can be printed with text as well as graphics for creating powerful brand messaging. Can coolers solve a need, are useful and every time a recipient uses one, your brand is quite literally, right in their hands?
Blue Soda Promo’s Staff PickFolding Can Cooler Sleeve – as low as $0.42



Be the tension and stress relief your customer needs. The stress ball is a potent stress reliever (and one of the most popular promotional items) on the market. Stress occurs in our day-to-day lives, so let your brand be the simple escape your consumer needs to balance out that energy.

When you roll one around in your palm and squash all your angry energy into it,  it helps to alleviate some of your stress; especially when you are at work and you have a strong desire to let out a loud scream. With a never-ending selection of sizes, shapes and colours to choose from, it would be quite impossible to find one that did not fit your brand message.

Blue Soda Promo’s Staff PickRound Stress Reliever – as low as $0.68



Custom printed sunglasses are a very hot item in the marketing and promotional products industry taking up 29% of all promotional product sales in 2012.

Give your consumers this gift of swag that is not only stylish but also affordable. Printing your logo or brand message on the arms or even the lens makes this item fun for everyone and an item people use on the daily; which by the way only increases your brand recognition. *cough cough*

Blue Soda Promo’s Staff Pick: Retro Sunglasses (Special Edition) – as low as $0.89


promo items under a buck

Promotional frisbees are fun, cost-efficient giveaways if you are looking to promote your brand at an outdoor event or you. It would be a terrific piece of swag for something like a sporting goods store.

Frisbees are effective advertisements because they have a large imprint area perfect for your company logo or business information and come in every colour under the sun. They promote fun as well. Kids and adults alike will be tossing your promo item through the sky as everyone in the park will get a chance to see your logo.

Adept Promo’s Staff PickFolding Flyer with Case – as low as $0.68


This product is such a great idea for doctor offices or anyone who is looking to promote a clean and healthy lifestyle.

According to an ASI 2012 case study, 8% of US consumers own a health and safety product. When thinking of promotional products, hand sanitizer might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but these clever bottles can travel with you anywhere you go; home, office or school.

Everyone is concerned with staying healthy because no one can afford to take a sick day with our always-in-motion lives, so give them something to promote health all year long.  Every time they reach for their sanitizer your company’s brand name or logo will be there.

Adept Promo’s Staff Pick: 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer – as low as $0.60


pens under a buck

Promotional pens have and always will be one of the greatest promotional products you can use. A major reason why pens are the most common promotional product you will come across is because they are cheap, tactful and effective.

Pens, despite being small, do a great deal of branding and communicating crucial information to consumers. When a consumer uses a pen with your logo, website and phone number that information has a much higher chance of sticking in their heads.

Also, pens have a way of finding multiple owners over the course of their usable lifetime, which creates an effect that is almost like word of mouth, only the word is a psychical item and the mouth is people swapping pens.

Adept Promo’s Staff PickJet Click Pen – as low as $0.33


under one dollar

While the name may sound like these products are only good for a day at the beach they actually are incredibly versatile and fantastic promotional products.

With the never ending colour choices you can choose from to design your beach ball you can create an item for your next charity or awareness event, sporting event or simply for a day at the pool.

For example, get the crowd pumped up for the next breast cancer awareness event by creating a pink and white beach ball to bounce around the crowd. Beach balls won’t go without being unnoticed as they bounce through the crowd for everyone to get a look at your brand.

Adept Promo’s Staff Pick6″ Multi Colored Beach Ball – as low as $0.76


promotional product under one dollar

Creating an eco-friendly environment is all the rave when it comes to hot topics in our world today. Nonwoven totes are a great giveaway not only because they promote “going green” and maintaining an eco-friendly environment, but also because these bags are a useful and dependable product your consumers can use on a daily basis.

Totes can be used for anything from grocery shopping, running errands or just shoving all miscellaneous items into. With a large imprint area you can use it to be creative and create an inventive design to display your company information or a comical one that shares your brand message while giving the audience a laugh.

Adept Promo’s Staff Pick: Nonwoven Value Tote – as low as $0.76



Everyone loves a product that you can stash away unnoticed until you need it most. Flashlight keychains are just that; an everyday item to keep your keys altogether, but also a handy light for when you get stuck in the dark.

Add a little light to your next campaign and give your consumers a tactful and useful product. Giving your consumers an item that is not only practical but functional as well, complete with your logo on it.

This is what will take your marketing campaign to the next level. Whether they are starting the car or opening a door in the middle of the night,  your company name is the one they will see every time.

Adept Promo’s Staff Pick: Deco LED Keylight – as low as $0.76


The only question I can think of when it comes to drawstring backpacks is when couldn’t you give them away?

These backpacks are durable AND amazing at promoting your brand day after day. With a large imprint area, you can easily customize a drawstring backpack to carry your logo and give your company the opportunity to send your message in a conspicuous way.

Because of their useful nature, consumers will be the walking billboard for your brand. Drawstring backpacks are perfect for anyone who is active and on the move, such as athletes and students. Swag like this is something consumers enjoy receiving and can use on the daily.

Adept Promo’s Staff PickNonwoven Drawstring Cinch-Up Backpack – as low as $0.93

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